Film Review: Pengabdi Setan 2 Communion (2022)

There’s no room to catch a breath. The only time that my heart rate could calm down is just at the very beginning of the film. This is not something that I recommend you to watch for your first date unless she/he enjoys horror films. 

The beginning of the film shows us the situation our characters are in. Not in a flashback kind of thing to the first film, but the condition that they’re moving on, also with some new characters. For anyone who already watched the first one, it is preferable. Also for those not having a chance to watch, it is still easy to grasp. 

Joko Anwar—writer/director cleverly combines zombies and ghosts in his story. Sometimes you see them physically alive, a kind that comes back from the dead, just like the first one. The other time, the kind of entity that can teleport from one place and then gone afterwards. The more crazy idea is that he integrates historical events that really happened in Indonesia in the past. They are intertwined with the storyline and by seeing them it is believable for the story to be part of that unpublished historics.

Ibu? (Rapi Films)

The first instalment wraps one big part of the story and so does this sequel. It is not like MCU nonsense that is somehow just a setup for another setup. But Pengabdi Setan (Satan’s Slaves) so far always have something at the end of the films. So if the third one were to be produced, I hope it will clear everything up without further fourth, fifth, or more. I think it will be the perfect trilogy. 

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