2022 is Perfect for Bleach Last Arc to be Adapted to Anime

The last time Bleach we saw Bleach on the anime version, it was when Ichigo got back his shinigami power circa losing it after a fight with Aizen. Bleach is now ongoing with its Thousand-Year Blood War arc which is its last arc to be adapted to anime. Also this is the perfect time for Studio Pierrot to continue finishing their job adapting. 

Technological Improvements Since The Last Decade

If you are someone who enjoys anime, you can see the improvement of the quality of the scenes that you watch comparing them to any titles that were released to the last one or two decades ago. Kimetsu no Yaiba, Jujutsu Kaisen and even Koe no Katachi are not something that I think we can watch in the 2000s or 2010s because of the quality that they have. 

Road to Naruto (Credit: VIZ Media / Studio Pierrot)

Specific to what Pierrot has been made, just take a look at Platinum’s End, Tokyo Ghoul and the viral Road of Naruto. Yes the first two are seasonal and the later is just one time. So the studio has more time to finish them. Though it doesn’t change the fact that what they can do now, most likely they couldn’t do it in the last decade or two.

More Explicit and Directed Towards Mature Audience (Especially in Anime Genre)

With so many (unexpected) kills in the Thousand-Year Blood War, these come with no limitation on what kind of scene on what they can show on the screen. Bleach and any other shounen always have blood all over when they fight. But this time is so much more and you see bodies (parts) splatter here and there. 

This kind of thing is like everywhere nowadays but the last time Bleach aired wasn’t. Pierrot has experience with Tokyo Ghoul and Platinum’s End. Certainly they are not shy this time around with Bleach.  

Original Bleach’s Soifon (Credit: VIZ Media / Studio Pierrot)

Other than the gore part, the clothes department has no limit either. For example in the original manga, Soifon doesn’t wear white inner dress. But now with the Thousand-Year Blood War arc adaptation, she does that too respecting the original source. This part might not pass PG rating in Japan or anywhere else in the world to show a side part of women’s breasts. But what confuses me, surely they are fine with revealing the cleavage of Matsumoto Rangiku. 

Tite Kubo Closely Keep an Eye of The Anime Adaptation

Thousand-Year Blood War Opening (Credit: VIZ Media / Studio Pierrot)

When watching the current adaptation, we can see on the opening of the series the name indicates that Tite Kubo—Bleach creator watches the production closely. With the time that they have to work on this, I believe this is only possible with this iteration. As it won’t work when Bleach used to air weekly from 2004-2012 that may result in its infamous filler episodes and arcs.

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