The West Should Reflect on Themselves Rather Than Trying to Take Care Of Others

(Mainstream) Western Media Highlighting Anything That The West Don’t Like In Qatar

The swift development of stadiums and many other infrastructures in Qatar, in preparation for the World Cup, associates human violation with its migrant workers. Let’s say it’s true. With reports from many respectable media, yes it appears to be happening. However, have you ever wondered, where does this come from? British colonialism.

Sir Charles Dalrymple Belgrav—colonial bureaucrate is the man behind the modern Kafala, the so-called modern slavery. In which immigrant workers are loosely viewed as a property rather than human. Tifo Football made a great report on this one. Details of this matter on this link

It’s an irony that even the current government in power is the one who is responsible for the matter, the root of the cause is introduced from the one who colonised them decades ago,  if not a century. Now the part of the world where colonialism originates, they state that they are not okay with today’s workers’ condition. Well I’m not okay with that too. But where were they when they were in power in the region back then?

Qatar prohibit same sex marriage. If your memory serves you well, the USA is the same just before June 2015. Before then, it was state by state law that ok’d same sex marriage. Also in the UK, specific to England and Wales, they just legalised it starting March 2014. Funny thing is, it is prohibited within the Church of England. 

One love captain armband seems to be the headline here and there. First of all, it is prohibited non-other than by FIFA itself for (possibly) a commercial reason and/or not a team identifier. Footy Headlines made a good explanation of the case of writing on Belgium pre-match shirts. So it seems to apply the same reason for the armband saga. Details of this matter on this link

Prohibition of alcoholic drinks in the stadiums causes debate all over in the mainstream western media. But do they ever think like, what if a Thai smoked cannabis around the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France? Thailand decriminalised smoking cannabis (without detailing what, where, when and how). It doesn’t mean that if something is okay in one country that you want to expect the same in the other. It may be an extreme example, but the bottom line is if you are just a guest, remember that the host has its own laws, cultures and set of values that everyone should respect.

People are together and enjoying the event with no alcohol

WTO Desire of Indonesian (Raw) Nickel

Why do we need to sell something that we don’t want to sell? Indonesia is rich in natural resources. We have minerals all over our thousands of islands. And it’s only natural for us to preserve them only for the interest of the people of its nation. The World Trade Organization decided in favour of the European Union in a dispute with Indonesia over a restriction on nickel ore exports. In its judgement, the WTO panel stated that neither the limitation on nickel exports nor the domestic processing requirement that all nickel ore be processed in Indonesia were in accordance with global trade norms.

Gold used to be a hot item. Now nickel is the new guy in the block. Currently we’re not handling it in a fine way either. It’s like what happened in Papua with Freeport got free pass on exploiting gold, plus anything that came with it. So if they found something else from the mine, it’s most likely they ate them all.

The joint-investment with China put us in a very small portion of the equation. The people around the mine seem to be getting nothing, the environment is destroyed, also the nickel is exported raw which is cheaper. And it’s not only raw nickel but there are possibly other materials in the soils that are unintentionally mined but not to be added to the bills. 

Obviously we want to do better. Not only for the making use of the resources part; but to make people prosper, mainly around the mine and generally all Indonesian citizens; and taking care of the environment as it should be.

Climate Change As a Result of Their Destruction of The Forest First

Before the first industrial revolution brought gigantic steam engines to companies in Europe, the Earth’s ecosystem was in balance. All living things, including plants and trees, coexisted with elemental forces. While carbon concentrations did cycle, natural mechanisms kept them under check. Trees were crucial in this until the industrial revolution caused enormous deforestation.

Developed countries, such as the United States and the European Union, are responsible for the vast majority of heat-trapping emissions released into the atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution. Developing nations emit less, but face the weight of a hotter climate in the form of more severe heat waves, floods, and droughts.

It is shameful for any part of the world to try to dictate other countries. We should not interfere in the domestic affairs of other countries. It is a necessity to respect sovereignty and territorial integrity. We also need to promote and protect human rights where each individual has the same rights under the law. Not just for the purpose of sweet talks. Finally all of us need to stop fantasising of being a sort of supreme leader.

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