Film Opinion: Deadpool 2 (2018)

First of all, this is not a review. I just wanna call this one as an opinion. As this might come from my very own personal view. Also beware there may be spoilers ahead!
Wade was graping Colossus’s Butt (Image: 20th Century Fox)

It was sad but it was funny. Even we were presented with ridiculous opening credits. Like how come they assigned Blind Al as a cinematographer?

Somehow I rewatched Deadpool 2. Maybe it was because Disney+ used to show it on its banner, new show section, popular section, and so on so forth. Anyway we really need more R rated contents on Disney+. It’s good we already got Helstrom, American Horror Story, etc.

What is this film anyway?

Deadpool 2 started with Wade-Deadpool trying to kill himself. Of course he couldn’t. 

dr. Leslie Thompkins was killed, I’m sorry, Vanessa was killed by a group of people seeking vengeance for Deadpool. Right after Vanessa was ready to make babies with Wade. This was why Wade was broken-hearted, lost someone important to him. Like my current state. Anyway.

Let’s start with one approach in Deadpool films. Have you ever seen Professor X in a Deadpool film? Or Magneto? Maybe Storm?

No other X-Men members other than Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (plus Yukio in the second film) means good for character developments of Deadpool and people around him. But still without other X-Men members, it’s just weird just like Wade said to Colossus after his body was healed. (Breaking the fourth wall anyone?)

The Gifted Tone

Somehow I miss The Gifted (2017) right I saw the rampaged mutant kid, Russell-The Firefist (pfft). Russell was held in a sick concentration camp style dorm. So the atmosphere is like in the late first season of The Gifted. 

Unsurprisingly after that, Russel and Wade were prisoned right after Wade played an executor to annihilate officials of that dorm. Ridiculously in front of everyone. Colossus, Teenage something, police, press, and the crowd of people, you name it.

Moving forward to the prison break of what Cable did. I really like how Wade fell from the 2nd-3rd floor to the fixed kind of a table with a crazy looking pose. It was bad and it was not something nice to see but how did they come up with that? Anyway Wade survived as the power-suppressed collar he wore was also broken.

So dark, you sure you’re not from the DC Universe?

Genius X-Force Recruitment

The fact that Deadpool made X gesture for X-Force with hands is so cool. But was it like for the X-Force or did he just make fun and did the Wakandan salute?

So many people on the newly formed team. They killed them so fast. But I’m not sure about the electro guy, because he was still in an unconscious state. Surprisingly it was a good thing. Remember the character development?

There were two things that seemed weird for a group of superhumans. First is that Peter who had no power. Then Domino who had luck as her power.

So, how come luck is a superpower? I think there is one more, her power is that she is hot. (Image: 20th Century Fox)

Deadpool plus Domino versus Cable equals chaos. Then add Juggernaut to that equation. No kidding, we had a damaged environment.

Of course the so-called X-Force was lost. Cable was broken. Also Wade’s body was torn apart by Juggernaut. It was logical, the film still is still in the middle.

After the losing fight, Wade’s lower part was growing again. This was when Cable was asking for an alliance. (Anyway what’s with the toddler’s lower part with no pants?)

Go Back to The Sick Dorm

This was where we got our second fight with Russel and Juggernaut. Russel got his rampaged mode on and Juggernaut got a real fight versus Colossus. Well Teenage something and Yukio gave a hand.

The sun gets real low.

“I’ve been inside you.” (Really?) Actually what Wade meant that he was like inside Russel’s shoes. About the anger and the urge to kill. As we knew, that didn’t work for Wade. Also the talks didn’t work. Russell was still in his mad state and Wade threw himself off. 

Good thing Cable touched by what Wade had done as it actually altered the future. Then he used the time-machine device to go back to when they came to the dorm. Just so he could help to avoid Wade’s death.

Make sure they got that in slow motion.

Let’s Wrap It Up

I still couldn’t figure it out about the timeline. Wade made Teenage something fixed the device then he saved Vanessa, saved Peter, killed a failed  Deadpool try on The Wolverine (2013), even killed baby Hitler! Well the Hitler part is a deleted scene, so I think it was only available on the director’s cut.

Now let’s stop talking about the story of the film. We’ll move to at least there is something we can get. In the end we all need to belong to someone. 

That’s why this is really a family film. Thank you Ryan!

Hi Yukio..

Bye Yukio..

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