What If…? S1 E1 Review: Let’s See What We Can Get

Welcome to 1943, when the United States of America (and its allies) tried to end the war by creating a new kind of soldiers, super soldiers. And the rest is like all we know, except Captain Peggy Carter and other people who watch the process of transforming a super soldier not staying in the booth. Unlike the ‘original’ origin story.

Then HYDRA tried to sabotage by bombing and shooting early in the process. So, Captain Steve Rogers took some shots and was heavily injured. Carter rushed in to save the process because it can’t be stopped in the middle to continue it another time. 

Here we had superhuman Carter. She turned to a muscular version. Though not so significant as when Steve turned to superhuman Steve.

Sexist World

Unfortunately our new Captain Britain didn’t get permission from the colonel to fight in the war. Something that the original plan of creating super soldiers should have achieved. It was a sexist world full of patriarchal men in the military. 

“Women aren’t soldiers, and they sure as hell don’t fight on the front lines. They might break a nail.”

The colonel showed us perfectly the condition of a sexist environment back then. Unfortunately it still exists through these days.

The Story Is Somehow Similar And Still Great

Captain America didn’t go straight to the battlefield. He was just a marketing tool to sell war bonds. So the army could buy bullets, bombs, etc. We got some variations of the story from the costume that was supposed to be worn by Captain America turned into a suit for Peggy’s Captain Britain. Plus the iconic shield of course. Thanks to our trusted nerd — Howard Stark.

Peggy X Steve (Image: Marvel Studios)

Peggy-Steve’s romantic story is still a thing in this timeline. You might even remember the dancing owe thing. Yes it was still there. And it was good!

Peggy and the army meeting HYDRA Stomper (Image: Marvel Studios)

Also Steve still went to the battlefield. Helping Captain Carter his best friend —  Bucky & co. Not as a super soldier of course, but in armour, Ironman style named HYDRA Stomper! So, here we get action packed full of stories in one episode. Remember the ~31 minutes duration.

Let’s Wrap It Up

‘What If..?’ is okay. It seems like the show can be more. Maybe the duration of one episode is too short or maybe I have too high expectations. So, let’s see what we can get from the next 9 episodes!

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