Why Friendship Are Temporary And It’s OK

Recently it’s been hard for me to get in touch with friends, well more like for about a year ago. It was fine at the early stages of the pandemic. We were getting closer though it was on the online space just like everyone else. Also it created a meaningful connection I think.

Maybe after people return to offline space, they start to not respond. Even just hi or reply for when I say hi or when I send some memes, links or anything like that. It is even harder when I try to give some ideas like go to some places, to do something, to someone’s place, anything like that. As I said before, the responses were so late and in the end not going anywhere.

People have life. Some of them have families, some of them have jobs, and some of them have studies. Or even some of them do those three things. So this is probably why there’s no available time for your friends, and it’s okay. Maybe.

At some point in my life, if I ever get married, I have been thinking of just inviting the closest friends. Those are the friends I mentioned before. Thinking to keep it as close as possible, the ceremony and everything. But now it’s not anymore.

In about a few weeks I am going to go to a place to attend someone’s wedding, my friends’ wedding. They are from this close group that now I think malfunctioning. Funny thing is that I am the only one from this group who is going to attend her wedding. It’s such an irony that you were very close to each other back in uni. But now it’s like, “Okay I have my own business, you have your own business, let’s just move on with our lives.” 

Meanwhile the people outside of the group. We started a kind of company to do freelance projects outside of our full-time job. These guys are going to attend the wedding, all of them. That’s the irony. The people who are probably tied up by money going to that wedding. The people who are together with a pure friendship don’t care or I don’t know, they don’t give any explanation (2-3 really can’t come, the rest …). Well maybe not 100% because of money, we were also friends in uni but not as close as the first group I mentioned. 

Anyway that’s the truth of life, that’s the truth of friendship. Maybe you’re going to be in a friendship relationship that’s close and the next time it’s not. Maybe you could just find another group of friends. But what I am thinking is if you find another one, then are you going to abandon it again? Well maybe that’s OK, at least the society thinks it is.

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