Film Review: The Batman (2022)

This new take of Batman on the big screen from Mat Reeves gives us so much about Batman in action but not for Bruce Wayne. We get to see how our caped crusader operates yet it seems Bruce neglects his responsibilities as the heir of the Wayne family. Also no playboy philanthropist (yet). 

Still in the process of learning, we can see Robert Pattinson’s Batman is new in this line of business. Though don’t get the wrong idea. He is new but not green. 

Our new iteration of Batman in live action ( Image: Warner Bros. )

Anyway this is not an origin story. So there is no more killing in the alley. We are sick of any versions of them, right? It’s like the Ben Affleck version or the newest iteration of live action Spider-Man in the cinema. Even so, they still give us some kind of flashback to that tragedy through the deceased mayor’s son.

It’s good that there’s no specific backstory mentioned but this makes things unclear. Such as, was Bruce trained by Ra’s Al Ghul or just Wayne’s trusted butler—Alfred. At the same time, The Batman opens new opportunities. Like what’s next for Batman in his year 3 or what happened in year 1 and before that.

~3 Hours of Joy

I didn’t stay for the credits or any mid / post credit scene. It’s a 3 hours long film! ? (I needed to pee). By the end of the film, we have this moment that from the perspective of the MCU, they might save it for the mid / post credit scene. But thank god and bless Matt Reeves for not going that route. 

Anyway we still get the post credit scene which is a blink and you miss it moment. Worry not, the Internet saves us all. A quick search on YouTube will tell it and it’s a component that is in the film. I won’t ruin it for you. Go watch The Batman and wait (or search) for the post credit.

Still, it’s a very good long superhero stuff. The Batman is packed with elements that service fans and entertain newcomers. Yet I don’t get overwhelmed by them. We get to see Falcone. Maroni is mentioned here and there. Not so powerful Penguin. First serial attack from The Riddle. Also don’t forget how corrupt Gotham is.

Zoë Kravitz’ Catwoman is killing it! (Image: Warner Bros. )

On the dark knight and co, Gordon is still a lieutenant. Alfred is an old but capable butler (more like dangerous). Catwoman and Batman are attracted to each other as always.

Though Catwoman and Batman dynamic is good but kinda feels too rushed. The closeness between them is building, going on step by step throughout the film, and it’s good. Yet the sparks started quite too early with them in not much action together beforehand. 

Let’s Wrap It Up

To sum it up, Batman is ruthless toward injustice. It’s there in any iteration of Batman films. And somehow this time, the caped crusader also gives optimism other than terrifies criminals. Batman is vengeance for the crime and hope for the good people in Gotham. Matt Reeves’ The Batman is dark but will enlighten the city somehow. 

Added Notes


Early on in the film, there is a lowly gang hurting people. There is one who stands out, it seems a new guy in the gang—played by Jay Lycurgo. The same actor who plays Tim Drake in Titans!

So far it’s unrelated whatsoever because Iain Glen’s Batman on Titans is old and Robert Pattinson’s Batman is still in his early days. Then Jay Lycurgo’ Tim Drake is the same age as the guy on The Batman. That won’t make sense if Batman in our 2022 film is the same as who in the Titans. But who knows what will happen in Titans Season 3. 

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