Star Wars: Visions Is a What If…? Could Have Been

It seems that Marvel Studios can’t make a standalone story. They have to make everything into a grand big big story. They can’t just make one and then get away with it.

Meanwhile Star Wars: Visions can just make one and move onto the next one and then move onto the next one. Maybe because of the fact that the studio behind every episode is different helps that. But wait, let’s say What If…? do that too. Surely in the end Marvel Studios will just interconnect everything.

I don’t know, ask Kevin Feige. Can you and your team make one magnificent story and don’t need it to connect with everything? Or maybe you want to connect some stories to be the bigger one? Just make a kind of approach like Christopher Nolan with Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Returns. They still interconnect everything and have some kind of a universe too. They are all fine.

What Marvel Studio did with Nick Fury in the Iron Man post credit scene is something that I can take in. They didn’t really know what to do next. They’re just sort of having fun. Then they build more films that eventually lead to The Avengers. Why don’t Marvel Studios (ahem Kevin Feige) do that again. Just leave something to just have fun not to brew everything from the start. 

Stop leaving breadcrumbs in every episode to make a croissant at the end of the season. Even worse, set up the next big one for the next. Just give us the bread in each episode. Let’s hope that the second season of What If…? will have the same spirit like Star Wars: Visions does.

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